Our mission is to level the playing field so everyone can have access to meaningful careers.

Professional business students want opportunities to engage targetcompanies and apply fresh thinking to solve real challengesthey care about.

Every year, US companies spend an estimated $472 Billion on talent acquisition. And yet, recruiting and retaining top talent continue to be a struggle for many. They also spend more and more every year to achieve diversity - with little results.

As a team of diverse professionals, we’ve seen first-hand how these efforts impact organizational resources and the talented candidates who are weeded out during outmoded hiring processes. That’s why we are passionate about providing channels and opportunity for professionals to develop and leverage their talents by solving real challenges for some of the world’s leading companies.

Equity and Access to Advancement

Innovation via Collaboration & Diversity of Thought

Engaging Learning Experiences

Career Discovery and the Right Fit

Students Come From Top MBA Programs

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Stella Ashaolu
CEO and Founder

Brittany Canty
Director of Product and User Experience

Isaah Forrest
VP of Engineering

Sneha Sawant
Full Stack Engineer

Tanya Stanfield
Director of Operations and Communications

Chris Watkins
HR Strategist

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